To improve and safeguard the health of our entire Mount Sinai community, including our student researchers and clinicians, doctors, nurses, faculty, staff, and most importantly our patients.

What it does

ISMMS Health Check is a new lightweight web app to simplify health workflows at ISMMS through automated follow-up of medical protocols for critical health values. We have created if-this-then-that style triggers for health data that takes the burden off health care providers to perform follow-up while collecting data from patients and providers automatically.

Developed by Ryan Neff (MD/PhD Class of 2023) on behalf of the Mount Sinai Department of Medical Education (Dr. Valerie Parkas, Dr. Beverly Forsyth, and Dr. Rainier Soriano) and Mount Sinai Student Health (Dr. Lori Zbar). Special thanks to Michelle Sainte at MedEd and everyone at Mount Sinai Information Technology (Ben Maisano, Paul Laurence, Ricardo Somarriba).


  • Make, edit, and store secure interactive surveys online via our lightweight web interface for any healthcare decision tree, workflow, or follow-up protocol, and share them securely with patients at home.
  • Connect triggers to the results of any survey question that matches some particular criteria that perform automatic actions
  • Runs autonomously, even while you sleep, in the cloud and accessible via a lightweight web and mobile interface
  • Backed by Mount Sinai managed HIPAA-compliant servers and databases